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Dr A Sephton, Dr J Robertson & Dr V Gallagher

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Cadbury Heath Health Centre
Parkwall Road
Cadbury Heath
BS30 8HS

Telephone: 0117 980 5700
Fax: 0117 980 5701

Telephone number during normal practice hours (strictly for medical emergencies only): 0117 960 1288

Telephone number outside normal practice hours: 111

Fax number for hard of hearing patients outside normal practice hours: 0117 975 3973

Opening Times

We are open on weekdays between 8.00am and 6.30pm, extending to 8.30pm on Monday evenings.


Car Parking

We are aware that the demands on our car park are sometimes excessive, and although we are under no obligation to provide this facility, we understand that this can be frustrating.

We are sorry about this but there is unfortunately little we can do. The practices do not own the building, we are tenants here. You may also like to know that the car park is used by other patients not necessarily by those that are registered here. These are patients who are visiting other service providers that have nothing to do with The Oaks Medical Practice.  

We therefore ask for your help by not using the car park unless absolutely necessary.

We are trying to encourage healthy life styles and suggest that, if you are physically able and live close by, then you might like to consider walking, or cycling to the Health Centre rather than using your car.

This would mean that those less able and with no alternative but to use their car, will find it easier to find a space when they arrive.

Disabled Access

As a purpose-built health centre we are fully equipped with facilities for the disabled. There is full access for wheelchairs, a disabled toilet, handrails lining the pathway to the main entrance and a personal amplifier and loop available for use for deaf or hard of hearing patients. We can also call on the services of a volunteer who is able to assist the deaf with sign language.

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